10 Habits To Procrastinate Less

10 Habits That Help You Procrastinate Less

Procrastination is something that a lot of people do. People who procrastinate tend to sabotage themselves and their chance at success. People who procrastinate put obstacles in front of them that limit themselves and keep them from doing a good job in anything they do. Procrastinators actually tend to choose paths that hurt their job performance and performance of everyday life. Procrastination is the one main thing in life that keeps us from doing things we want to do and keeps us from moving forward. There is a cycle that tends to flow through a procrastinators mind. You feel eager, realize there is time to do things, put them off because there is time, then at the last minute you realize that it needs done without any more delay. Sometimes things get done last minute but more often than not it is put off until later. But how often do they actually get done later? It is time to break the cycle.

1. Plan your day. It may be easier said than done but planning is important. Write down everything that needs done and try to plan the day out. Along with writing everything down you also need to take into consideration how long it will take, what it needs to get done, and then plan out the steps needed. Thinking alone will not get anything done; you need actions.
2. Fight the feeling of resistance. Just because everything was written down does not mean that they will get done or that this time will be any different. You will more than likely feel some kind of resistance to doing these items and that is normal to a procrastinator. When you feel it try to figure out why and what is causing it. Write down your feelings if you feel you need to.
3. Set reminders. Set a daily or hourly reminder that you should be doing something or that you have something you need to get done soon. Unless you have time to waste, you should keep busy. These reminders can also be set up to give motivational quotes while telling you want needs done. One really good reminder service is HabitLift.
4. Turn OFF electronics. When items like the phone, tablet, or television are on it can be hard to focus on the task at hand. There have been times we all have been trying to do something and we pull out our phone to check our social media networks or we glance at the television and end up watching some of it. To break the procrastination side habit turn off the distractions.
5. Challenge yourself. Give yourself a set time to get stuff done in. Make it like a challenge. For example: sweeping the floor. Depending on the amount of floor that can be swept this could vary, but try to make it in about a half hour. Keep track of all the items you get done before the limit and think of the time you’ll have later to do things you want to do.

6. Create a playlist. It is easier to get things done when you have something to help you while you work. Music can help distract you and help the time go by quickly without making it seem like it’s dragging on. Make a playlist that helps you get in the flow while you work.
7. Set daily goals. At the beginning of every day make a list of specific things to get done that day. The amount of specifics should depend on how long it will take them and how many tasks you have that need done. Once you pick your specifics give yourself a set time to have them done by and work until they are finished.
8. Focus on a small part of the task. For example if you are cleaning a childs room and they have toys, books, clothes, and clutter all over focus on one part at a time, like books for example. Pick up all the books first then move on. The same can be applied to any large task. Focus on one part first then move on. This makes it seem like a more achievable goal by cutting it into smaller tasks.

9. Make yourself accountable. A good way to do this is to announce to someone, even if it’s just a friend, that you plan on doing this or that. Have them check up on you to see if you got it done.
10. Reward yourself. Every day that you get a lot done or you procrastinate less, reward yourself. This can be in any form you would like may that be candy, a soda, getting some pizza, etc.

In conclusion these ten habits to take on can help you battle procrastination. It may seem easier to let it slide for another day but as the wise say “Why put off for tomorrow what you can do today?”

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