10 Habits That Make You a More Likable Person

Everyone wants to be accepted and likable but some people tend to be more likable than others. It may seem easy to convince yourself that being likable is not really necessary but the hard truth is that everyone needs to be liked by at least one person or life will be really lonely. There are habits you can have, or adapt, that will help people like you more.

  1. Don’t be a know-it-all. No one wants to be around someone who acts like they know everything or someone who jumps into conversations just because they can. Slow down and listen to the person who’s talking. Ask them questions that are appropriate and not demeaning. Help them feel good about themselves and what they do know as opposed to making them feel bad because they don’t know more than they do.
  2. Mind your own business. It is human nature to want to give input where you can but it’s not always greeted with thankfulness. People tend to prefer those who can accept their decisions and not question them or belittle them about it. We all know that one person who always has something to say about everything and we all know that can be annoying. Don’t be that person.
  3. Don’t hold grudges. People make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes affect you. It may seem like the best option is to avoid the person or to stay mad at them. However, more people admire those who don’t let an error impact the relationship between them. Ben the bigger person and forgive them where you can but don’t seem like a pushover in the process. Let them know they crossed the line but be willing to keep the relationship intact.
  4. Be patient. Not everything will come to you or happen when you want it to. Give people opportunities, room to grow, and space to make mistakes. They will happen. Understand that everyone has a certain learning curve that they need to follow to get the job done right. That might take time. By being patient people can trust that you will be there and they may often come to you for help.
  5. Give compliments. This one might seem like something that doesn’t need to be mentioned but you would be surprised by how many people don’t give them. Compliments help people feel good about themselves and they will tend to want to be around those who help them feel that way.pexels-photo
  6. Notice the good things about others. It may seem hard to find something good about someone who may be different than yourself. Focus on their good aspects and they will feel appreciated around you. You might be able to find things about them that you have in common.
  7. Don’t jump to conclusions. Nothing is more annoying or hurtful to others as someone who assumes something before getting all the facts. If you jump to conclusions you may be making an unfair and unjust assumption of someone and the conclusion you come to m ay not even be factual. Take in all the information you can and ask the person about it first.
  8. Be genuine. When you are genuine and act like yourself you’ll attract the right type of people towards you and they will like you for you and not like you for someone you pretend to be. Once you can prove that you are genuine people will know that you’ll only bring things up if it is important and because you care about them.
  9. Be generous. Few things are as touching as a generous person. Try to extend your help to those around you who need it and they will like you for it. Help people when you are needed and try not to make them feel like they owe you because of it.
  10. Be confident. Confidence tends to radiate from people who have it and it’s a fact that people like those who show confidence.

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