5 really easy habits to make your life better

Changing your habits is hard! After all, if it were easy then services like Habitlift wouldn’t exist. The good news is that we’re here for you no matter what… and you know what else? There’s even more good news. We’ve compiled a lost of five super, duper easy ways to change yourself for the better.

The first step in changing yourself is absolutely developing habits that will help rather, not hinder, your final goal. So if you want to start your journey down the road to success try these easy recipes for a brighter future!

1. Drink water as soon as you wake up


As many times as you’ve heard it, this is actually one of the best pieces of advice we have. Drinking water is absolutely vital to your future! Everything in your body runs on water, so it’s your fuel for success. The benefits for drinking water are endless, but include feeling more rested, being healthier, and even looking younger.  Starting your day with a glass of water will help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day!

2. Eat nutritionally dense foods

Nutrition is just as important as hydration. No amount of water you drink will clean your system of junk, so it’s important to keep the junk to a minimum. A cheeseburger and beer every Saturday isn’t going to kill you, but it does make it super important to eat healthier during the rest of the week. Try using spinach in your salad instead of lettuce, and eating pita bread and hummus for a snack instead of potato chips. Even the most simple switches can really improve your eating habits and health!

3. Concentrate on your breathing

Many people practice meditative breathing in order to relax themselves and keep anxiety levels low. Deep breathing also ups your oxygen intake, which will make you more alert in general.  It’s important to practice breathing because your body is simply a machine and practicing certain functions will help you run it better. For sixty seconds a day to start, sit down and try to concentrate on your breathing. Slowly inhale through your mouth and feel your lungs fill to capacity. Then, slowly exhale through your nose. Make sure that you’re breathing from your stomach and not your chest! This ensures you’re getting enough oxygen and really reaping the benefits of this exercise.

4. Keep a mental checklist

Are you one of those people that ‘Can’t keep their on straight’? If so, this next habit is something you’ll definitely want to cultivate. Training yourself to keep a mental checklist is incredibly important and will save you a ton of time. The trick is to keep a written checklist first if you need to. Write down the items you always have on you that would be disastrous to lose, such as your keys, phone, and wallet. Tape that list to the door you leave from every morning and make sure you go through it before you leave. Eventually you’ll train yourself to go through that list anytime you leave a place, and you’ll know right away if you’ve left it behind!

5. Join Habitlift and get your own, personal Mentor

Of course, Habitlift is here to help you cultivate those habits listed above… and so much more. We have a team of skilled Mentors that will call you daily and make sure you’re becoming a better you! There’s no better habit to have than picking up the phone and talking to your personal Mentor about what you did yesterday, and how you can improve upon it today.  Do that every day, and you’ll soon find your negative habits being replaced by positive ones.

Hopefully that list will help you transform

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