Good Nutrition Habits in Children

Benefits of good nutrition in early child development

Generally speaking, nutrition is very important to human existence. Good nutrition is very vital for growth and development of our body, including the brain. It will not be wrong to say that nutrition is the power source of the body because without it, the body will not be able to function properly or maintain a good health status. It is very important for children to get good nutrition early in life, especially at this state when their bodies are growing and are still in the developmental stage. For them to develop to their optimal potential, they must be provided with not just diet but nutritionally sound one. It also very important to note that both diet and exercise patterns, especially during childhood and adolescence stage, may actually draw the line between health and risk of disease, later on in life. It is also very important to know that different stages of the life cycle of a child, calls for different nutritional needs, and meeting those needs at the appropriate time can really work wonders.

To develop to their optimal potential, it is vital that children are provided with nutritionally sound diets. We have been talking about nutrition, and its importance, but to be specific these nutrients has to be balanced. There are some specific nutrients which are vital at some point in a child’s life and if gotten, will help them a lot. If we say nutrition is more than simple caloric intake, then what is poor nutrition? Poor nutrition can refer to lack of food as well as overeating. Poor nutrition can also be linked to eating pattern which leads to insufficient intake of nutrients. This is why it is good to instil healthy eating habits in our children, if we want them to be healthy even as they grow older

Nutrition can actually have profound effects on the health status of a child, as well as their ability to communicate, effectively socialize, and also think analytically. It can affect how best they adapt to a new environment as well as people. It can also be considered as the first line of defense against diverse childhood diseases that can leave their print on a child’s for life. Let’s take for instance, in areas of cognitive development, when there is no enough food supply, the body has to take some certain decision on how it can invest the limited foodstuffs that are available. Survival comes first while growth comes second. In this nutritional situation, the body will be fast to rank learning last. It is best to be stupid and alive, than for one to be smart and dead right? This is what happens to a poorly nourished child.

Children should be fed balanced nutrition in order for them to be healthy and sound. Not getting the right nutrition early in life especially at this stage that their body is growing, can lead to certain deformities as well as deficiencies later in life. Poor nutrition in children has been linked to cases like obesity and other mental as well as emotionally related health problems. These categories of children, also do not perform well academically.


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