Habits That Can Be Implemented Quickly And Easily

Habits That Can Be Implemented Quickly And Easily

Almost everyone wants to be more healthy, but many of us think that healthy habits are complicated and requires too much time and effort. Going to the gym for a workout may be hard to fit into a busy schedule. A home gym can be expensive and may require space which is difficult to find in a smaller home or apartment.

As 2016 is nearly on us, making some changes to improve wellness is probably on your mind. Here are some ideas that can be implemented quickly and easily to become a health habit. It is said that an act repeated for 21 times (three weeks) becomes a habit. Here are some easy-to-implement habits which you can utilize to improve your health.


The body needs oxygen in order to exist. Average respiration rate for an adult is approximately fifteen to twenty breaths each minute. An infant’s rate is twice that of an adult. However, it is important to realize that breathing faster won’t make you healthier. In order to get the most benefit from the oxygen in the lungs, it is the deep cleansing breaths that help.

Periodically during the day, become conscious of your breathing. Are you sitting in a slumped or awkward position which prevents your rib cage from expanding fully? Does your clothing restrict your ability to get a good deep breath?

Set a time each hour and become aware of your breathing. Take a few minutes and free up the diaphragm by practicing good posture. Then, take several good breaths, think about getting an increased level of oxygen into your blood stream. When your blood is oxygenated, the benefits are available to every cell in the body, from the brain to the toes.

Prop Your Feet Up Occasionally

The circulatory system of the body is an amazing network of vessels, veins, arteries and lymphatic fluid movement. Anyone who has ever suffered from edema, swelling of the feet and legs, understands that it is not only uncomfortable, it can become painful. If the condition goes on too long, the skin cells can break down, small blisters form on the lower legs and there is a risk of infection.

Far too many of us sit at desks or work tables during most of the day. The legs are stationary and the circulation in the back of the thighs is decreased. Over time, this can escalate the breakdown of the lymphatic system valves in the legs.

Instead of sitting for hours in a restricted position, take a few minutes each hour to find a way to prop your feet up. If you are able to get the feet higher than the heart level, the effect will be even more beneficial. The conscious thought about the benefits you are providing for your entire circulatory system will be worth the effort to form a good health habit.



Another activity that can be rather quickly incorporated into your better health habits is the simple act of stretching. Even the simplest stretches that are often done when we first awaken have a wide range of benefits. Some of the best known positive results you will experience when you form the habit of stretching on a regular basis include pain relief, increased energy, enhanced flexibility and range of motion in the joints and improved blood circulation.

Stretching has been shown to provide relaxation and offer stress relief. Those who make a habit of stretching will have enhanced coordination and better posture. Overall, the benefits of a good stretch will provide a greater sense of well being.

Stretching is particularly important as we grow older. Aging muscles and joints do not respond as quickly as they did when we were younger. Because of all the benefits which can be achieved by simply stretching, it is one of the things that seniors should make a part of their daily activities.

Clean Your Tongue

Although people today have become more aware of the importance of cleaning the tongue, others may not realize that brushing the teeth alone is not enough to ensure good oral health. You should use mouth wash and floss to remove particles between the teeth. Scraping the tongue as part of the overall dental health is an excellent daily habit to begin in 2016.

A regular plan of cleaning the tongue will improve your sense of taste. Your food will simply taste better and you can appreciate the flavor and nuances of every bite. Scraping the tongue removes bacteria and food debris from the surface of the tongue. This bacteria can result in bad breath, which won’t be resolved by using a toothbrush. Dental health will be improved when your teeth, gums and tongue are clean and free of harmful bacteria.



Most people do not drink nearly enough water. The human body is made up of sixty percent H2O average for human adult males. The guideline which we were taught as children was to consume at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily. Other standards use a more complicated formula to identify the optimum amount to drink.

Surprisingly, drinking more water is a key element of many of the best and even the fad diets. The inclusion of enough water is necessary to carry waste products out of the body during the digestive process. The entire body operates more effectively by drinking more water.

The lack of water can cause symptoms ranging from muscle cramps to headaches. It is far better to drink a glass of water every hour or so to improve your overall health.

Work Jigsaw Puzzles

It has been suggested that working jigsaw puzzles is a way to fight off some of the early effects of Alzheimers and other dementia. The simple actions associated with a few minutes daily spent working on a jigsaw puzzles are surprisingly effective in keeping the mind sharp, the fingers more agile and improved eye-hand coordination.

Sorting the pieces from a 100 or 500 piece puzzle improves the brain’s ability to categorize objects. Shape, color and size all must be considered when deciding on the placement of a particular piece in the puzzle.

This is a fun habit to cultivate and can be done alone or with several friends, thus turning it into a social occasion, as well as a solitary one.

Cultivate Thankfulness

Forming a daily habit of writing down ten items which you are grateful for sounds simple. When you don’t allow yourself to repeat an item once you have used it, you may have to think a little longer and harder to recall new items to add to your list. This healthy habit benefits your mind and reduces stress. When you are focused on the good things that are going on in your life, your mind will gradually free itself of the negative thoughts and emotions.

The connection between the mind and the body is under study and yet is not fully understood. The people who remember their reasons to be healthy in mind and body have more reasons to stay healthy.

Stress reduction through gratitude is an easy habit to implement and can be done without special equipment or space. Spending the time during the daily commute remembering to be grateful is time well utilized.

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