Why you should Exercise in the Morning

Exercise is an essential part of a healthy life style. Without exercise, the body doesn’t reduce the fat content. Without the reduction of fat, there is a large risk of heart disease, metabolic rate reduction, and possibly death.



  There are many ways to exercise and these activities should take place during specific times when the body is at a higher chance of burning fat and to help release certain enzymes and hormones. If you exercise in the morning you begin your day with a bit more energy and a better regulated appetite.

  While these are additional benefits to a morning routine, many people believe their schedule doesn’t always give them the ability to exercise. Waking up thirty to sixty minutes earlier, you have given yourself the opportunity you never thought possible. If you keep to this schedule your body will regulate itself to this routine. Waking up earlier helps begin the day and with the first part of your day being an exercise routine, your body will naturally start to adjust to this system. When your body naturally adjusts then the endocrine system and circadian rhythm will adjust as well.

  This type of routine and schedule will help maintain positive habits in your schedule. Turning an activity into a habit can take time, just like any other habit good or bad. Many bad habits can be broken with this schedule change as well. Many people wake up needing coffee or some type of energy booster in order to get their day started. With the habit of exercise, you will habitually become more energized. A couple of hours before waking up, the body will naturally start to release hormones, regulate your blood pressure, and assisting with blood flow to the muscles.

  Also, research has demonstrated working out increases mental acuity. Mental acuity it the “sharpness” of the mind. Exercising will better stimulate the mental capacity and capability. This means after you work out, the amount of “brain power” you have is beyond that of your “normal” self. If you turn morning exercise into a habit you have given yourself the ability to solve more problems. Not only will you be able to solve them faster, but the way you solve them will be different. With your mental acuity on a new level, you have given yourself a better way to critical thinking and a more properly functioning brain.

  In conclusion, not only is morning exercise a wonderful habit to start but there are also a wide variety of great health benefits to it.

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