HabitLift is a face-lift for your habits! This is a way to change your life while taking motivation and willpower out of the equation. It’s cheaper than therapy!

HabitLift is a daily/weekly life-coachy call service where someone from South America (these countries rank high on the global happiness index) asks you about your habits and records them. This has a motivating effect where you want to get better each day at your good habits, and you don’t want to commit negative habits because you know you’ll have to report it.

After a mere week on habitlift, my state of mind has been altered drastically. I’m not someone who talks on the phone very often. So I was nervous the first time i recieved the call. Quickly, I found that by the middle of our conversation I was already opening up to my habitlifter. The operators are really inviting and they always allow for you to say as much or as little as you want with your topics of choice. It can be as much of a conversation as you want. It’s like a relationship where they’ve adapted to your empathy.

I find that encouragement from an outsider to be an especially enlightening experience. I don’t know anyone from a another country I can speak with. I’ve come to realize having one now is invaluable. To have someone looking at your world from a bird’s eye view or all the way down to a microscopic level helps you tap into a perspective that puts a lighter spin on daily problems. After talking with my habitlifter Alejandra, the tasks of my day are never faced with the anger or cynicality I had reverted to for so many years.

-Robert, Student at Savannah College Of Art and Design


Every morning, a nice lady from South America gives me a call. She asks me about my day before and provides encouragement. She gently asks me about metrics about my life: What medication I’m taking, Did I brush my teeth, How happy am I on a scale of 1-10, and many more. This is a way to change your life while taking motivation and willpower out of the equation.


Since starting the experiment: I have been cleaning my room often, I have been brushing my teeth every day, and I’ve been regular on my meds. I’d say it’s a success.


I felt that other people could achieve results from this process.

-Matt Jackson, Founder and 1st Client of HabitLift

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